Creative Writing Workshops

COLLINS-ACK Online Creative Writing Workshop (Short)


A super-fun two-hour story creation workshop where characters come alive. In this workshop, children will learn the basics and get an introduction of how to create a main character, build the character’s world and learn about story structures.

While the children will learn how to write out the story, in a given story format, since this is a beginner level course, we will focus on creativity and imagination building.

COLLINS-ACK Online Creative Writing Workshop (Long)


An intense six-day story creation workshop where children learn how to create main characters, heroes, villains, craft interesting plots, build the character’s world and write their own story!

COLLINS-ACK My Own Chitra Katha Workshop


A creative 12-day workshop where children will create their own story and illustrate it into a book. Participants will learn all about how to write a story, how characters are developed and how a book gets made.

The ‘My Own Chitra Katha Workshop’ has been designed to teach children how they can also tell their own amazing stories and also illustrate them into books! Participants will have their own fully illustrated ebooks after the workshop.

Creative Writing Workshops

Unlock the potential of your creative mind with our writing workshops! Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or just starting your writing journey, our workshops are designed to take you on a journey of narrative creation. Learn the tools and techniques to turn your ideas into compelling stories with a mix of adaptive learning and practical examples. Join our community of aspiring writers for interactive discussions, learning videos and hands-on activities.

Learn from the Experts


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    Collins – ACK My Own Chitra Katha

    See the creativity and imagination of our past participants come to life in our gallery of student-created comics. Browse through these comics and be inspired to join our next workshop and create your own illustrated story.

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