Collins Maths Workbook

Collins Maths Workbook is a series of three workbooks for classes 6 to 8, which are aimed at giving comprehensive practice to support child’s development of mathematical skills. The series is planned primarily as a series of multifaceted worksheets presented in a variety of simple and engaging styles. The multifaceted worksheets are benchmarked against the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework and NCERT syllabus requirements.


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Class 6, Class 7, Class 8



Key Features

• Recall Important points learnt in a chapter for quick review

• Worksheets in each chapter to reinforce understanding of the fundamental concepts

• Revision Worksheet at the end of each chapter to provide focused and comprehensive practice

• Cognitive Corner A variety of questions to help the students monitor, develop and communicate their thinking processes

• Mental Maths to develop essential mental maths skills

• Challenge to sharpen thinking skills

• Puzzle to enhance the application of the concepts learnt in a fun way

• Life Skills to create awareness, empathy and a positive attitude towards self and others

• Reasoning Worksheets to help develop reasoning and problem-solving skills

• Vedic Maths to master shortcut techniques which aid in faster calculations

Books of the Series

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