Enhanced Science Now

Enhanced Science Now is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8. This series adheres to the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and adopts the holistic learning theory. This enhanced edition retains the focus of the original, where the development of lateral thinking, analytical, research and deduction skills in students were encouraged. This edition has been enhanced with key features that would help in the holistic development of a student through interesting questions, projects and activities while providing experiential learning and fostering innovative thinking and creativity.


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Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8


Middle, Primary

Key Features

• Science in Context Interesting extra information on the topic being discussed
• Summary Snapshot of the chapter in the form of a graphic organizer for quick revision
• Exercise Questions dealing with lower levels (Remembering and Understanding) of revised Bloom’s taxonomy
• Cognitive Corner Section dealing with higher levels (Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating and Creating) of revised Bloom’s taxonomy and Life Skills
• Worksheets Pictorial exercises at the end of each chapter based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
• Skills You Need A variety of interesting information and activities to introduce skill courses with some form of experiential learning
• Happiness Activity Sheets A variety of interesting activities based on life skills, self-awareness, other awareness, emotional needs and mental needs
• Vernacular Names List of plants and animals used in the book and their names in a few Indian regional languages
• National Science Olympiad Paper Latest NSO paper to help students to prepare for competitive examinations
• STEAM Booklet An engaging STEAM-based activity booklet for the future problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators and inventors

Course Package

• Coursebooks 1 to 8
• Collins DigiSuite 1 to 8
• Teacher’s Resource Books 1 to 8 Key Features

Collins DigiSuite

• Multimedia eBook: Consists of animations, audio, video, slide shows, and interactive exercises
• Print-ready Worksheets: Additional worksheets for practice and reinforcements, present in the digital support
• Digital Flashcards: Flashcards with embedded sounds and animations for letter formation and letter-sound association
• Animations and Songs: Animated stories and rhymes set to tune
• Interactive Games: Interactivies to reinforce concepts in a fun and engaging manner

Books of the Series

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