Oasis is an integrated semester course for LKG to class 5 which provides a comprehensive learning experience to young learners in their formative years. The series seamlessly combines all the core subjects required at the foundational and preparatory stages including English, Mathematics, General Awareness/Environmental Studies/Science and Social Studies, through 14 semester books. These books provide ample opportunities to the students to learn, explore and practise new concepts effortlessly across different areas of learning through an interdisciplinary and cross-curricular approach.


Key Features

Key FeaturesLKG and UKG
• Motor skills
• Personal, social, and emotional development
• Creative skills
• Logical and rational thinking skills
• Linguistic skills
• Numeracy skills
• Knowledge and understanding of the world English
• Reading
• Vocabulary
• Grammar
• Listening and Speaking
• WritingMathematics
• Maths Around Us
• Concept Map
• Maths Lab Activity
• Skill Up
• Worksheet
• SEE Learning
• Maths MelaEVS
• Get Set (Art integration)
• Different Yet Alike
• Good versus Bad Practices
• Your Opinion Matters
• Fun Fact Science
• Science Around Us
• I Am a Scientist
• Concept Map
• Skills Enrichment Zone
• STEAM-based Worksheets
• Picture Story
• SEE Learning
• Science Fair Social Studies
• Skill builder
• Fact check
• Green Earth
• World Connect
• Wind Up
• Timeline

Course Package

integrated semester course for LKG to class 5

Collins DigiSuite

• Multimedia eBook: Consists of animations, audio, video, slide shows, and interactive exercises
• Print-ready Worksheets: Additional worksheets for practice and reinforcements, present in the digital support
• Digital Flashcards: Flashcards with embedded sounds and animations for letter formation and letter-sound association
• Animations and Songs: Animated stories and rhymes set to tune
• Interactive Games: Interactivies to reinforce concepts in a fun and engaging manner

Books of the Series

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