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Collins has been publishing educational and informative books for almost 200 years. Throughout this rich heritage we have maintained an impressive record in creating market-leading products across various sectors. Our educational publishing continues to deliver up-to-date and engaging student resources and exceptional teacher support to help schools tackle new initiatives and utilise the latest technology. We produce resources for India and International curricula to support teachers and pupils at school and outside the classroom environment.

We understand that the education system is undergoing a profound transformation, with a rapid change in the role of textbooks and other resources in teaching and learning.

We emphasize strongly on differentiated learning and rightly so. One may then question the relevance of the notion of ‘one resource for all.’ You might think, ‘Does a textbook serve as an effective tool for teachers to create an enabling and inclusive learning environment? The answer to this is YES. A textbook
is an essential tool in the teaching arsenal. It provides students a framework that helps them organize their learning. A good textbook supplemented with digital resources and teachers’ handbook, empowers the educators to cater to the multiple intelligences of students and stimulate curiosity in the young
impressionable minds.

As Collins learning, we strive to deliver the content that not only is Scientific accurate, but also that enables the teachers to facilitate students in achieving their overall learning goals. Our primary objective is to empower educators with pedagogical tools so that they can leverage their expertise in shaping the
future of their students. Our Continuous Professional Development programs further our objective of supporting educators by honing their skills and prodding them to encourage learners ‘How to think.’ Through our carefully planned educational resources, we aim to facilitate well-rounded development of learners that supports cultivation of a healthy thought process and enhances their cognitive abilities. We concisely use examples in our books that resonate with the needs of 21 st Century learners and promote experiential learning.

Our meticulously planned and graded titles, along with support materials for teachers in the form of Teachers’ manuals and digital resource called ‘DigiSuite’ not only assuage some load of the teachers, but also create an invigorating teaching-learning experience in the classroom.

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