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collins english grammar and composition pdf

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A Blended Learning Solution for the Evolving Teaching and Learning Requirements

Collins Infinity is a single, unified platform that caters to every facet of education delivery. It brings together infinite learning possibilities that help users create personalised learning experiences. Designed with an intuitive and fully responsive state-of-the-art interface, Collins Infinity brings the best of content and technology together to create a holistic teaching and learning experience that goes beyond the traditional Learning Management System (LMS).

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collins english grammar and composition pdf

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Subjects Available

Power-packed with Features

E-books with On-page Digital Assets and Lesson Plans

Enriched with on-page teaching and learning resources including lesson plans, worksheets, answer keys, animations, interactivities and much more

Calendar for Creating Events

Helps educators make timetables, create new events and view existing events

Question Bank

Allows educators to create, organize and manage a question bank containing a variety of assessments (based on Bloom’s taxonomy) to assess students’ understanding of concepts


Helps create and evaluate assessments with added features for automatic grading

Reports and Analytics

Gives detailed reports and actionable insights into the overall performance of students and the faculty

Animations and 3D Models

Our enriched 3D models and animations, meticulously crafted to offer students an immersive and engaging visual learning journey.

App for Students and Teachers

Helps access and manage courses from anywhere and anytime

Notifications and Alerts

Help students stay up-to-date on the latest information sent by schools

Empowered Teachers, Engaged Students, Informed Parents and Enabled School Administration Lead to
Academic Excellence!

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Collins Infinity provides administrators with real-time data on student performance and platform usage report, allowing them to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement

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Collins Infinity makes it easier for teachers to manage their courses, create and grade assignments, and track student progress

why science is important for students


Collins Infinity creates a more interactive and engaging learning experience for students by making quality education material accessible to them anytime and anywhere

collins english grammar and composition pdf


Collins Infinity provides extensive performance and progress reports for parents to monitor their child’s progress

Transforming Education with Technology and Innovation

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