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Collins Digi Tech

Collins Digi Tech is a series of computer science textbooks for classes 1 to 8 designed to meet the requirements of the CISCE curriculum. This series adheres to the vision of the National Educational Policy 2020. Based on Windows 10 and MS Office 2016, the books help students develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals by first-hand exploration to make learning enjoyable and rewarding.

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First Edition


  • Class Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8
  • Stage Foundational, Preparatory, Middle
  • Supports learning through a variety of pedagogical tools that present additional information and offer opportunities for first-hand exploration and peer learning.
  • Follows a graded introduction to programming through Scratch, HTML and Java
  • Develops computational thinking and problem-solving skills in manage-appropriate manner
  • Presents a variety of questions for both learning and practice, including questions to further competency-based learning
  • Includes National Cyber Olympiad paper from the previous year and revision worksheets
  • Coursebook 1-8
  • Teachers Manual 1-8
  • Collins Digi Suite 1-8
  • Multimedia eBooks offer interactive learning with videos, animations, presentations, and audio for better concept comprehension and retention.
  • The audio feature offers a flexible learning experience by allowing students to listen to chapters. It also helps auditory learners and those with reading difficulties comprehend course material easily.
  • Interactive slideshows combine engaging visuals and concise text to help students better grasp concepts.
  • Interactivities engage students through quizzes, games, and more. Active participation leads to better retention of the concepts covered.
  • Animations simplify complex concepts with clear audio and engaging visuals, making it easy for students to understand.
  • Lesson plans offer comprehensive guidance for teachers, including pre-, post-, and while-reading activities, teaching strategies, and learning objectives.
  • Additional worksheets are provided for practice and reinforcements.
  • The question paper generator enables educators to create, organize and assess students’ understanding with a question bank based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

Sneha Krishnan and Manasi Kashikar, techies at heart, bond over their love of coding. They are cofounders of the company MindChamp where they teach coding to school students using fun, activity-based learning. They both love to teach students and that reflects in their work. Together with a team of educators, they have taught thousands of students to create computer games and websites. They want to make coding accessible to young students as well, so they are better equipped for the future.

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