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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life is an engaging and innovative course on Environmental Studies for classes 1 to 5. The series is based on the vision of the National Curriculum Framework and adopts a multidisciplinary approach to enable holistic learning. Effectively graded learner-centric content integrates environmental issues with life skills and sensitizes learners towards sustainability of the environment.



First Edition


Latest Edition


  • Class Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5
  • Stage Foundational, Preparatory
  • Get the ball rolling provides compelling pre-teaching warm-up tasks to arouse interest in the topic.
  • Think through tasks promulgate critical thinking skills.
  • Clued in provides interesting facts to kindle the curiosity of learners.
  • Give it a shot promotes experiential learning through application-based activities.
  • Exploration Station has case studies and information for inquisitive minds.
  • Why It Works provides science experiments to promote scientific temper and hone observation skills.
  • Our Heritage provides snippets of information about the heritage of India and encourages learners to preserve it.
  • Wrap up provides a ready reckoner to reinforce the concepts taught, enabling comprehensive learning.
  • Brush up gives end-of-chapter exercises in multiple formats to facilitate assessment.
  • Learn the ropes provides activities related to life, enriching learners with 21st century life skills.
  • Put your heads together gives group projects to strengthen teamwork for cooperative learning.
  • Cross connect tasks promote crossdisciplinary and integrated learning.
  • Poster on 5Rs sensitizes learners towards their surroundings and creates awareness about environmental sustainability.
  • Courebook 1-5
  • Teacher’s Manual 1-5
  • Collins DigiSuite 1-5
  • Multimedia eBook: Consists of animations, audio, video, slide shows, and interactive exercises
  • Print-ready Worksheets: Additional worksheets for practice and reinforcements, present in the digital support
  • Digital Flashcards: Flashcards with embedded sounds and animations for letter formation and letter-sound association
  • Animations and Songs: Animated stories and rhymes set to tune
  • Interactive Games: Interactivies to reinforce concepts in a fun and engaging manner

Dinu Raheja, Programme Director with The Global Education & Leadership Foundation and a teacher trainer

Lipika Ghosh, Teacher at St. Xavier’s School Hazaribagh, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi and Sanskriti School, New Delhi.

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