Enhanced English Alive Literature Reader 8

Enhanced English Alive is a multi-skill course in English that adheres to the guidelines of the National Education Policy,2020. This edition retains the original essence of teaching communicative English using a cross-curricular approach and integrates the essence of NIPUN Bharat guidelines, which extensively deal with foundational literacy. The aim is to motivate learners to read independently, to improve their vocabulary, to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, and enhance their ability to express themselves both verbally and in writing.
This series also takes care of the requirements of Structured Assessments For Analyzing Learning (SAFAL). Researchbasedactivities and projects have been used to instill inquiry-based learning, while comprehension passages have been followed by extrapolative and value-based questions that involve analysis-based learning.

ISBN: 9789354228537 Format: Paperback Published: 2022 Category:

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Class 8



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