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Vision—Values for life is an engaging value education series, for classes 1-8, meant to enable learners lead a balanced, happy and successful life. The National Curriculum Framework states that education must reflect the values, structure, and beliefs to equip young learners with a holistic personality. This series encourages learners to respect diversity, exhibit leadership, display a positive attitude towards community and nation, be responsible, and strive for conflict management in stressful situations. So, focusing on the self, the community, and the nation, this series guides learners to develop co-scholastic aspects of their personality, namely, life skills, attitude and values.


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Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8


Middle, Primary

Key Features

• Discuss a pictorial warm-up initiates the learners into the theme of the chapter
• Read Along includes interesting stories, anecdotes and poems
• Think and Say poses problem-solving situations to encourage lateral thinking
• Figure out has simple assessments aimed at testing the understanding of the value
• Relate sensitizes learners to real-life situations for the application of the value
• Workout offers interesting worksheets to reinforce the value learnt
• Create provides hands-on experience to strengthen the concept of the value in a fun way
• Remember advocates brief pointers for inclusion in day-to-day life
• Enjoy suggests media that communicates the value discussed
• Be Smart gives multiple intelligence tasks for holistic development of the learners
• Teaching Tips at the end of the chapter facilitate effective teaching

Course Package

Coursebook 1-8

Books of the Series

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