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Sustainable Development Goals – Role in Education & Students’ life

Sustainable Development Goals – Role in Education & Students’ life

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 to end poverty, reduce inequality and build more peaceful, prosperous societies by 2030 are there to empower globally. Investing SDGs in young minds is to achieve a more equitable and to promote among others through education by living a sustainable human life, which acts like a tool to support them, to develop their research, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Also, to support the 21st century skills to prepare young lives, towards the real-world problems and to face it with real action in future. Quality Education Goal empowers the global young minds with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to address the interconnected global challenges, to fight against the climate changes – carbon footprint, forestation, e-waste, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, poverty and inequality.

Practicing sustainability empowers children to construct knowledge, explore values and develop respect towards Nature, which lays the foundations for an environmentally responsible adulthood in the next future. With this, students act sustainably in their daily lives to foster environmental consciousness and lifelong learning in their classroom by practicing these major principles as: Connect and develop respect towards Nature. Analyse the Climatic changes. Initiate a service project with peers. Learn about all sectors of people who make a difference in society. Research on various businesses and its products, with their effects of Carbon footprint and green gas emissions. Start an Environmental Awareness Challenge. Create a model of mindfulness to visit grandparents, animal rescue centres, old age homes etc. Promote and create posters or presentations to inspire others. Encourage out-of-the-Box-thinking and spread to local communities. Meet and collaborate with NGOs and govt schools for better outputs.

The SDGs key benefits of learnings and experiences reflect on students’ life to improve quality of life. Let the young lives protect, preserve and conserve the natural environment for their future needs. The young succeed to achieve their stability and the society experience with a good quality of life upon the natural environment. Educators can create or suggest few important key suggestions to inspire and motivate SDG activities as a classroom project or activities – fundraising, creative arts, sale of recycle products, clean-up activities, zero waste drives, debates, blog writings, meeting farmers, gardening, collaborate with NGOs and govt schools, weekly plantation programs, surveys and researches on climate changes.

Kalyani Rao

Global Edu Environmentalist

Kalyani Rao hails from a small coastal city, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh State of South India, an Global Edu Environmentalist, turned up her HR Development career to Academician and to SDG Expert. She holds Masters in HR and PG in Industrial Relations. Achieved an Honorary Doctorate, on SDGs Training, Development & Implementation. She holds an overall 18 years of experience in HR Management, Sustainable Development Goals projects etc.

Professionally trained on international Youth Exchange Programs by AFS, IAYP , Six Sigma Green Belt of USA, SEL & Climate Change, UN Climate Reality Leadership COP 26., USA, Solid Waste Management from IEC & BCC and Yoga Diploma, A1 level in German & Japanese languages. Her Edu expertise areas – Beach Clean-up Activities, Ocean Conservation Conferences, Designing Global SDG projects, Community Services, Youth Internship & Entrepreneurships training, MUNs, National & International Trips, CrowdFunding campaigns and Overnight Adventures Residential camps etc.

Currently, working on Zero waste drives to fight against Carbon Footprint. Associated with SDG’s World Peace Summit 2022 & Global Sustainable Awards 2022, also, one of the Jury Members of SDG Choupal & Collins India’s National SDG Competition 2021. She is a Global Motivational Speaker on SDGs, Classical Singer , Reiki Healer and Yoga trainer. one of the Jury Members of SDG Choupal & Collins India’s National SDG Competition 2021. She plays multiple roles as a Project Facilitator for Climate Action Project , Country Ambassador – T4 Education, TeachSDGs & Global Schools Alliances. Her recent virtual project was IIU SATTVA in 2021. Kalyani’s main passion is to bring real action through the young minds and believes in.: “to bring more blues we need to give more greens” .

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